Cullen Schwarz

Cullen Schwarz

Co-Founder, DoneGood

I changed my career path in 2015 because I believe we all have incredible power. As consumers, whatever we demand, the market supplies. When we demand products made with systems that empower workers and protect the environment, we get more of those–and less products made with systems that exploit people and the planet.

In the U.S. we all spent $130 trillion buying stuff last year. We donated $400 billion to non-profit organizations. We gave $5 billion to political campaigns. The $400B and the $5B are critically important. But we’ve got to put some of that $130T to work!

If even a fraction of the money we all spend can also reduce inequality, alleviate poverty, combat climate change, and help build a more just economy, the impact is enormous.

The more we support businesses doing the right thing, the more they succeed. The more others follow suit. Eventually even Big Corps start to change.

We believe the dollars we spend are the world’s most powerful force for change.

That’s why I changed careers. That, and I get to wear t-shirts instead of suits now.