Dan Swinney

Dan Swinney

Executive Director, Manufacturing Renaissance

Dan founded Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) in 1982 in response to plant closings in the Chicago area.  Prior to founding MR, Dan worked for 13 years as a machinist in the Chicago area. He organized Steelworker Local 8787 at G+W Taylor Forge in Cicero, Illinois and served as Vice President.  Taylor Forge closed in 1983.

MR is a not-for-profit consulting and research organization that specializes in developing innovative and effective approaches to community development, business ownership, advanced manufacturing, and education.  We believe that manufacturing is the essential foundation of a modern society.  As such, the development of our manufacturing sector must be profoundly tied to social inclusion.  MR’s key programs are:

  • Manufacturing Connect that links inner city public high school students to the regional manufacturing sector. Manufacturing Connect operates in three inner-city high schools and includes the Young Manufacturer’s Association for young people between the ages of 18-29 who work for manufacturing companies or are seeking employment in manufacturing.
  • Re/Cast Advisors for Manufacturing Ownership Succession is a project that seeks to assist employees as well as Black and Latino men and women purchase manufacturing companies that face an ownership succession challenge; and
  • The Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council—a private/public partnership of labor, manufacturers, educators, local government, and community-based organizations that promotes Inclusion & Industry 4.0 in policy and program. Ministers for Manufacturing is an arm of the CMRC.

Dan went to the University of Wisconsin, graduating with a B.A. in history in 1967.  He writes and speaks regularly for associations, universities and colleges, community development networks, unions, and others interested in promoting advanced manufacturing and its intersection with public interests.